The Gastrosexual

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I’m bringing ‘gastrosexual’ back!

No, it’s not a dutch oven.  The term was introduced sometime around 2008, but never really broke wind.  Personally, I believe it didn’t stay in use because no man wants to be called something that sounds like a sexual attraction spurred on by gas.

The old definition is as follows, thanks to Urban Dictionary:

1.  gastrosexual.  NOUN
A term used to describe men who cook, taking the household chore part away from it, and turning it more into a hobby, used to impress friends and prospective partners. More and more, women are finding a partner’s ability to cook as important as other attractive features (looks, personality, status, income, etc.).  My friend Pat hosts large dinner parties at least once a month. He makes fancy tapas and serves them with wine he paired himself. What a gastrosexual!

Even though it sounds like a sexy foodie with irritable bowel syndrome, it’s actually a food play on the even older term ‘metrosexual,’ which came about in the ’90s to describe the dude that buys $50 dollar face cream.  The other half is an ode to ‘gastronomy,’ which some describe as the art and science of eating well.

Since I’m repurposing a defunct word, the new definition makes things right:

2.  gastrosexual. NOUN
A term used to describe a man that cooks healthy and enticing meals, as a way to take care of himself and the woman he cares about. Gastrosexuals enjoy healthy food because they want to connect with their woman and be healthy.  These healthy men are ready for any other activity that may come up with their beloved.  May often look up meals/advice on to discover what he can do to further and deepen this connection through cooking.  The gastrosexual also has more sex than most other men.  “Dude, how’d you get a girl like her?”  “Man, I’m the ultimate gastrosexual, I made her a recipe off the Cook This…Get Laid website.”

This new description tells us everything about the man in the kitchen that gets down with his pots and pans.  Gastrosexuals realize the magic that food can perform in a relationship/social occasion/hot pursuit of a newly found prospect.  And I (like most women) find gastrosexuals incredibly sexy.

Both definitions tell us what we already know, most men are already in the kitchen. Regardless of your financial status, you have to go in there at some point in time. Whether you reheat something frozen, or eat with gastrosexual abandon is up to you.  So you may as well make it something that truly works for you:  a healthy meal.

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