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Linguine With Sausage and Broccoli

Share, if you dare…In a low voice he whispered, “I make a mean pasta.”  A guy I dated said this statement so confidently, so self-assuredly and in a manner that almost made me gag.  We were already having fundamental problems … Continue reading

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Go Out…Get Laid

Share, if you dare…Here’s a sample email I get pretty regularly, “Mona, post some tips so I can find a woman to cook for!” I’ll oblige you.  After all, I want you to succeed in your romantic quests and healthy … Continue reading

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Here’s What To Slip In Her Drink: Greens

Share, if you dare…It’s scary to think some will slip women a roofie just to get laid, but those boneheads still keep trying.  For those of you with a question mark on your forehead, a roofie is short for rohypnol, … Continue reading

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