Go Out…Get Laid

We're increasing the odds here guys. Play the percentages. Seen "Moneyball" yet? You should if you haven't.

Here’s a sample email I get pretty regularly, “Mona, post some tips so I can find a woman to cook for!”

I’ll oblige you.  After all, I want you to succeed in your romantic quests and healthy meals.  So here’s a very good tip.  It’s local, so those of you living outside of Los Angeles need to let your fingers glide across the keyboard and search for regional activities.  But if you live close to me, then you can join the fabulous blogstress, The Minty on a bar crawl through downtown LA.

– Ranked in between these two –

Going on a pub crawl is not a guarantee of getting laid. Think of it like the draft, you're looking for future considerations. You've got a better chance to win with runners in scoring position.

Why is a posting like this on This…Get Laid?  This is the “Get Laid” part.  Today’s posting is all about your social health.  And you don’t have to cook everyday.  Sometimes, it’s “Have Drinks…Get Laid.”

Guys, putting yourselves in situations where there are two women to one man greatly increases your odds of getting laid.  Throw in drinking, your chances go up further still.

Don’t have something like this in your town?  Maybe it’s time you start one.  Join forces with a woman that has single friends, bring your single guy friends that can construct an intelligent sentence, next thing you know – you have a party.

They start at 6:30.  Get on your knees and start crawling!

The Minty Downtown LA Dive Bar Crawl, Friday, October 7, 630-11pm.  You should also know that her goal is to spend $30 or less.

Having a “Go Out…Get Laid” event in your city?  Let me know, and I’ll share it here.

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