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TIP: The Ultimate Hangover Cure

Share, if you dare…Flashback to one year ago on New Year’s Day where you woke up with the following symptoms: headache, exhaustion, dry mouth, nausea…you drank too much, right? So how do you feel better? There’s the common sense approach … Continue reading

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Holiday Brownies, Cook This…Get Laid Style

Share, if you dare…Happy holidays my healthy cooks!  I’m sitting here snacking on my latest brownie recipe from the wonderful chef Brian Berle.  I asked him to make a recommendation for something that is typically an oxymoron:  a healthy dessert. … Continue reading

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Imagine A World Without PMS

Share, if you dare…Back in 2005, I went raw for a summer.  When I say raw, I mean no fruit, vegetable, seed or nut cooked over 118 degrees.  I took this challenge with a girlfriend of mine, more to see … Continue reading

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Black Lentil and Couscous Salad: An Outstanding Cook This…Get Laid Meal

Share, if you dare…I get plenty of questions and commentary from Twitter.  Most of it is positive, others turn their nose up at the thought of food and seduction, and the remaining 33% have questions.  Like my new Twitter friend/follower … Continue reading

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