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Yamburgers: Cook This…Get Laid

Share, if you dare…Just so you know, I eat just about anything. Even though I have a vegetarian husband, I subscribe to the belief that I’ll be putting fish, chicken, turkey, lamb and other things in my mouth until I … Continue reading

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A Mean, Green Cook This…Get Laid Recipe: Arugula Salad

Share, if you dare…Easy salad recipe? Watch this!  Press “play, “or just check it out the good old-fashioned way by reading it below. I make a mean salad.  Now you can too.  And there’s no excuse!  Even if you can’t … Continue reading

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Episode 4: Shrimp Fra Diavolo on Valentine’s Day

Share, if you dare… Gentlemen, I have two options available to you on Valentine’s Day: Go out to a restaurant, where the prices are inflated, and servers and kitchen staff overworked on the busiest restaurant day of the year.  And … Continue reading

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Mulled Wine, Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Share, if you dare…Watch Episode 3 from my You Tube channel! Just click “play.” Or read it the good old-fashioned way below. Picture this:  your beloved woman enters your home on a cold winter night.  She takes off her coat, … Continue reading

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Roast Chick For Your Chick

Share, if you dare…I made this blog for men, so they could use food to connect with women. But I’ve used this recipe too.  Anytime I wanted to get my husband in a good mood, surprise him or just make … Continue reading

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