You Can Get Laid Making Grilled Cheese, but…

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…it won’t keep you getting laid. I’ll explain.  But first let me tell you why my husband and I ate this sandwich last Saturday night as well as breakfast on Sunday morning.

It all started for a party where I happily volunteered my recipe making services for 30 fellow party-goers. I wanted to impress everyone, and went for the quick, easy and fatty meal. Grilled cheese was my theme, which meant slapping butter on two pieces of bread stuffing it with cheese and putting it on a frying pan.  No matter how you slice, assemble and cook it, grilled cheese is basically FRIED BREAD.  But you should pat me on the back for these babies, they were amazing!   The first grilled cheese course was a vegan grilled “cheese” with fake bacon for my vegetarian husband.  Then a goat cheese cheddar sandwich with my homemade pesto as the second.  But the dessert grilled cheese was an oh my god, raise your hands and suck your buttery fingers coup de grĂ¢ce:  sweet raisin cinnamon bread, then mascarpone cheese sprinkled with chocolate shavings and raspberry jam in the center. The sandwich created a new word in my food vocabulary:


Just imagine yourself eating this warm, sweet, rich sandwich with your beloved. But that vision also comes with expanded thighs along with a sleepy and not so sexual partner too. She may not doze off right away, but within an hour she’ll be crashing from the combination of fat and sugar.   Here’s what you don’t do: let her beat up on herself when she eats badly.  Tell her she deserves some goodness too, just make sure it’s not on a regular basis.  Self-food flagellation is a complete waste of time.  When those guilty moments pop up, typically while we wonder how the hell that bag of fries disappeared, or in today’s case: a dessert grilled cheese sandwich.

Your brain powers also subside when you eat junk.  For me it was post-feed while fully laid out on the couch and rubbing my belly before dozing off into a beautiful food-induced nap, I did the unthinkable as a food blogger.  I forgot to take pictures.

Raspberry, Mascarpone Cheese & Chocolate Grilled Cheese Dessert Sandwich

  • 2 slices of cinnamon raisin gluten-free bread
  • Soft butter
  • 1 small container of good quality mascarpone cheese
  • The darkest chocolate you can find
  • Raspberry preserves

Oh how easy this is! Start by mixing up the mascarpone cheese in a bowl with a spoon.  Use a grater to shave a tablespoon of chocolate over the cheese.  Spread the preserves on both slices, then place a thin layer of the mascarpone mixture in the center and smush the bread together. Butter your griddle or nonstick pan with low to medium heat, and check in 3-4 minutes to make sure it turns a beautiful brown. Flip, repeat browning, and eat.


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5 Responses to You Can Get Laid Making Grilled Cheese, but…

  1. Craig Nisker says:

    This was so good my mouth is watering right now thinking about it. Yum.

  2. Sounds amazing, what a great idea!

  3. SJF Bilton says:

    This sounds delightfully wicked! You’re quite about self-food flagellation. I’m a firm believer in a little of what you fancy once in a while is good for you.

  4. Karen says:

    Yeah, the dessert sandwich would pretty much make my week. That sounds awesome!

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