LA Dodgers: Cook For Your Wives Why Don’t Ya?

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The food blogger life, ah….

Here’s a glimpse.  You have a passion.  That passion ignites a creative spark to set up the blog.  You write, read and research constantly about this subject.  You build followers, shape your message, feel self-indulgent while writing and promoting yourself for almost a year.  There are even better moments when your content is read, picked up and carried all across the world!  But most of your blogger moments are solitary.  It’s just you, your camera, kitchen, recipes and your laptop.  If people are reading, you don’t hear a peep.  Doubt sets in, and you begin to wonder if all the extra time is worth it.

But fantastic blogger bonuses show up, and make it all better.

Take this week, when my husband and I were standing on the field at Dodger Stadium watching batting practice.  Perks for what I do? Now we’re talkin’!

Considering that my dad’s family is from New York, I’ve got a little history.  Here I am below, with a cheesetastic grin fully present to my family’s past: my father and his brothers living in Brooklyn during the 1940s, baseball, and the legendary Jackie Robinson.

Me, Dodger dugout, pre-Dodger Dog.
(Photo by Craig Nisker)

For those of you who aren’t sports-inclined, too young, or don’t pay attention to days of yore, being a Dodger in my family (or any African-American family) is a very big deal.  It began when the Brooklyn Dodgers became the first baseball team to integrate, and a hero was born:  Jackie Robinson.  My father instilled loyalty in us, and Dodger blue runs through my veins.  For me, standing on this field was a very big deal.

It got even bigger when Andre Ethier showed up and said, “Hi.”

Andre Ethier, the non-cook.
(Photo by Craig Nisker)

Andre brings us to the present.  He’s a stellar athlete, the darling of the Dodgers and a nice guy loved by all.  But when he kept raving about food, my crush turned into infatuation times 1,000.  And then I asked him a question, “Do you ever cook for your wife?”

“No, that’s what I got married for,” he joked.  And at that point, my crush crashed.

(Sigh), Andre.  And every other Dodger on the team.  Hell, every MAN out there in the world!  I’m not saying that you have to cook every meal for her.  Considering you spend half of the year on the road, that’s just not possible.  But the next time you’re home, just cook a healthy meal for your lovely wife.  She’ll be so shocked, amazed and grateful that you took the time to prepare something healthy and delicious for her.

When speaking to our group, you mentioned a love for Mozza Restaurant.  That’s a fantastic choice for some of the best food in LA.  Before you do anything else, talk to their chef and ask them to help you cook a simple, healthy meal.  I can say with complete certainty that he won’t refuse you. In the same way your wife won’t when you do this for her.

It’s a simple act, and it means so much.  We (women) go nuts when our loved ones take time to do the little things.

Your wife will thank me.

This advice goes for every man.  Get your butt in the kitchen!  And those of you who do, what healthy meals do you prepare for your lovely lady?

A special thanks to Josh Tucker!

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I'm a food writer and home cook that loves to talk about healthy food and romance.
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12 Responses to LA Dodgers: Cook For Your Wives Why Don’t Ya?

  1. i really needed to hear that! thanks for the great advice. I think i’ve cooked for my girlfriend once, maybe twice since we’ve gotten together, and its been like 3 years! She’s such a great cook, but I have a feeling that if I made a meal for her she would be completely thrilled. Thanks again 🙂

    • Mona says:

      You are VERY welcome Jason. Hearing that warms the buns in my oven. Keep reading the blog, and I’ll keep trying to make a difference for you.

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m kind of glad I missed hearing your question to him, I have to say I’d be pretty disappointed by his response also.

    Luckily I have a guy who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the kitchen!

  3. Jeannie says:

    Love the connection of nostalgia/baseball and cooking for the wife! I recently asked my husband to cook for me, simply because it’s been a long time since he has done that and when we were dating he did it all the time. It was probably part of the reason I fell in love with him. Thanks Mona 🙂

  4. Great post! Having a happy wife/girlfriend will pay benefits in a big way!

  5. Yes! Love it when my husband cooks healthy for me!

  6. Wow! Yes, that’s powerful advise there from a woman to a man. Cooking for the woman you love is not only sweet, but also romantic.

  7. Vicky says:

    So true! I love it when my husband cooks for me. Great advice.