The Morning After Breakfast Sandwich

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THE breakfast sandwich to make her.

Cook This…Get Laid blog, I’ve missed you.

I took a two month hiatus because writer burnout is serious.  The lack of inspiration hits hard, but it wasn’t as brutal as the time/effort it took to prep food for 65 people in the desert (more to follow on that), camp in the high desert for seven days, pack all of our belongings, travel through Canada for nine days, then move into a heavenly new house with a ton of material to write about while surrounded by boxes.  I’m inspired today, fully refreshed and ready to write as I sit at my new desk.  But before the day begins, one must eat breakfast.

This was some intense hunger that set in!  We’re talking ravenous baby, I could have eaten my sunglasses if seasoned properly.

My mornings always start with a green smoothie that leaves me refreshed, but afterwards I only wanted one thing: eggs.  Inspired by some of our local breakfast restaurants, I threw together what is now my latest favorite: a lightly fried egg, chopped spinach, sharp sheep’s milk cheese, gluten-free bread, and garlic “mayo” sprinkled with salt and pepper.  My husband graced it, “The Morning After Breakfast Sandwich.”

This takes five minutes from prep to plate.  The slightly runny egg can be scrambled too, but a runny yolk can make for some messy eating which translates into extra sexiness.  What?  You don’t think food can be sexy? Especially when it spills onto a cheek, hand or leg?  Hello?  Are you listening to me?

(Sigh), I have so much to teach you.

Morning After Breakfast Sandwich

  • 2 slices of your bread of choice (I choose traditional Ezekiel Bread.  If you’re Celiac Disease prone, choose one of their gluten and wheat-free variety.)
  • 1 tablespoon Earth Balance Olive Oil Mindful Mayo (Whole Foods sells this for much cheaper than you think)
  • 1 medium clove of garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 organic large eggs
  • a handful of fresh spinach, chopped (but I would have used arugula if it’s on hand).
  • 3 long, thin slices of any sharp sheep’s or goat milk cheese.  I like to recommend pecorino romano or manchego.  But if you like parmigiano reggiano (cow), it will taste fabulous too.  I’ve found any of these cheeses in just about every grocery store.
  • a twist of cracked pepper
  • a sprinkle of kosher salt
  • a nonstick pan is the way to go with this recipe, so get it ready

Start by placing two slices of bread in the toaster, but don’t turn it on yet.  Place one heaping tablespoon of Mindful Mayo (one of the best, plant-based alternatives to mayonaise) in a small bowl.  Place one medium clove of garlic and add to “mayo,” and blend with a small spoon until well mixed.  Take a handful of spinach and give it a rough chop. 

One small note here: why don’t I add any oil to the pan before adding the eggs?  Because I like the full flavor of the eggs to come through.  There is plenty of fat in this dish, so why add more?  Plus the eggs won’t stick either.

Back to business!  Turn on your nonstick pan to low-medium.  Start the toast, and only do a light setting.  Overly burned toast does not a good sandwich make.  You still following me?  Good.  Turn on your nonstick pan to low-medium and wait one full minute before adding the eggs.  While the eggs are slowly cooking, remove the toast and spread the gooey garlic spread on the bread, then the cheese, then the chopped spinach.  I like a small bit of runny egg, so I only do about 3 minutes.  Once the egg is done, give it a quick flip, then turn off the heat. Let it sit for 30 seconds.

Use a spatula to remove the egg, and eat ’till your hearts content.  At least until she asks you to make another open faced-Morning After Breakfast Sandwich.

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4 Responses to The Morning After Breakfast Sandwich

  1. Sam Bilton says:

    Sounds delicious as always Mona! Have you ever tried egg mayonnaise with sundried tomatoes and spinach? It’s another great combo! I’ll be giving this recipe a go very soon.

  2. Sounds delicious! I’m going to try it with my homemade mayo.