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My new blog name?

My new blog name?

If you’ve read my blog (good god, I hope you read this blog), you may recall my announcement that revealed pending changes for Cook This…Get Laid. It was an incredibly exciting few months, with fundamental changes and a new name.

Say what? Change Cook This…Get Laid? I’ll give you the short story.

Since launching this project two years ago, I have learned that some people and brands are absolutely terrified of a blog like mine. The second I approach them or utter the title, they go running as fast as possible – assuming my blog is all about sex and food, general raunchiness, and me taking food porn into a realm where the food is no longer a part of that description. They assumed the worst before I even opened my mouth, wrote a single word, or even explained the playful and fun premise behind Cook This…Get Laid. The typical result was a flat-out, “NO, raunchy food blogger, we can’t even go there. We’re not even gonna speak with you, even though you are a very good writer. We can’t invite you to events even though you have a solid following. We can’t partner with you even though we have much in common, for fear of offending someone. We can’t ‘Like’ your page, because we can’t have our Facebook friends seeing us follow something with the word ‘get laid’ in it.” Or my favorite: “You certainly aren’t a wallflower!” Or, “That’s a creative idea! But that is way too much information.”

Most of these interactions has my smile peering into a judgmental face. Because of my blog title, people have blocked me, picked fights on Twitter, and avoided my Facebook page. And then there are the emails (heavy sigh); let’s just say my blogging skin is THICK.

On the other hand, there are the people who love it. They are fantastic and lovely individuals —forward thinkers. They share my content, ask me when something is coming down the CTGLpipleline, ask for recipe ideas, romance ideas – you name it. But I have lofty ideas for my food blog. I want it to reach every kitchen in the world. And to do that, one must measure results.

My blog numbers are respectable, but not growing in a way that is satisfactory to me, the ultimate impatient woman. So I listened to some who truly wanted to help get me where I want to be. A few suggested a minor name change to make things more palatable for a larger audience. I worked with a brand expert, sought advice from mentors, family/friends, even readers that were available to assist in making my blog BIG. When I say big, I mean one of those highly sought after, people-can’t-resist, viral blogs that everyone salivates over. Slowly, I adjusted the narrative to reflect this shift (and my number of visitors dropped). I also went on a long quest for a name change, one came along: Cook This…Get Lucky.

It’s catchy, right? Easier to digest, and can be easier for people to see the message behind the title. BUT then a friend/fan of the blog set me straight, ”Mona, it sounds like you are watering down your brand in order to appeal to people who will never be interested in your blog. And with a name likeCook This…Get Lucky, you’ll be forever attached to Daft Punk’s song of 2013. Your message is clear, and you want to make a difference to people. The name is so feisty, so fun, and it’s you. It’s perfect the way it is. Get it out in the world. NOW.”

With the initial rebrand done, the new domain name reserved and ready, and the announcement ready to go, I went home and considered who I am as a writer and person. Changing who I am to appeal to others is something I did as a young, unconfident girl. Not a woman who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Not a woman with passion in her life and a desire to share it. I want to connect everyone through food. Delicious and healthy food.

Through all of this, I also came to another self-realization: this blogging bitch doesn’t back down to anyone.

You could say that my blog is reborn. The Cook This…Get Laid blog is no longer just about food, connection and health…it’s far more personal. It truly represents me enjoying the writing process, my feisty ways, along with contributions from my husband, who is the inspiration behind this project. I also live in an absolutely dazzling city, where healthy food is in abundance. My local version is a far cry from what most see on a TV screen. So with that, I’ll show you the other L.A. My L.A. The one where people work very hard for a living, are creative, eat cleanly, live in modest homes, and are constantly doing a juice cleanse or headed for a hike.

I hope this appeals to you. Because it truly does to me.

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