The Healthy Chocolate and Wine Combination

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If you're not putting together wine and chocolate properly, you are missing out on some potential health benefits!

If you’re not putting together wine and chocolate properly, you are missing out on some potential health benefits!

Yes, you read that correctly, wine and chocolate can do some good things for your body. I wrote about these health benefits of combining chocolate and wine together on the Huffington Post a few years back. So I must share it with you on Valentine’s Day.

With expectations running high, Valentine’s Day is tough to get right if you’re a man. So let’s just call February 14th exactly what it is — a chick holiday. It’s all about getting what women really want: romance. But a man’s truly successful date has St. Valentine delivering what men really want: sex.

It’s time to transform Valentine’s Day into something that men truly appreciate. And you do that by preparing a meal for your sweetheart. Or make dessert. If you include any of her favorite ingredients then you’ll come out way ahead. The Huffington Post already has some spectacular recipes. But if you’re short on time or flat out forgot to do something special, I have the suggestion: wine and chocolate.

Why are chocolate and wine the perfect choice? When you present this to her, you win in three ways. First, we consider chocolate one of the ultimate treats in life. Two, we get to pair this with wine. Three, when you CAREFULLY* explain to her that this is a fat-burning meal, she’ll be grateful.

Here’s how it works. Starting off with a psychological boost, the mind and body immediately feels indulged by the chocolate and wine. Diet Free For Life author Robert Ferguson explains how the process helps burn fat:

Wine and chocolate work differently in the body. Wine or shall I say, alcohol is metabolized by the liver and chocolate the same as food. They have two separate pathways, but when eaten and drank in the right amounts, you can literally boost your metabolism and assist your body in releasing some serious body fat.

Tread carefully! Platters full of Godiva truffles and multiple bottles of Cabernet in one sitting, gets an immediate thumbs down. “Wine has lots of health benefits,” Robert continues. “But we blow it when we consume too much because it can hinder our metabolism. If you’re going to have wine with a meal, you can reduce your waistline by combining it with chocolate or cheese rather than drinking it on its own. This is where chocolate with wine works better — you get the double the effects of antioxidants.”

Robert carefully explains which chocolate goes with which type of wine, but I created a Quick Chocolate/Wine Guide to help. (See below.) “I like to go with an organic Riesling and I’ll pair that with a chocolate that is 40 to 52 percent cocoa content. Also, when I go with a lighter wine I prefer to choose a chocolate bar that has pecans and maybe some fruit like raisins mixed into the bar. When I go with red, I’ll choose an organic cabernet sauvignon it has the highest antioxidants and I’ll enjoy that with a chocolate bar or pieces where the cocoa content is 60 to 72 percent.”

Quick Chocolate/Wine Guide

  • Chocolate/Wine Combination for Women: 1-2 oz chocolate with 5-8 oz of wine. Or three bites of chocolate, per six healthy sips of wine.
  • Chocolate/Wine Combination for Men: 2-3 oz chocolate with 5-10 oz of wine. Or two healthy bites of chocolate, per three man gulps of wine.

Choose an organic, biodynamic or sustainable wine like the Bonterra brand, Fetzer. Or ask the staff in your local wine shop to recommend one.

Pairings for Wine and Chocolate

  • If you’re drinking a darker wine, choose a chocolate that has 60-70% cocoa content.
  • If you’re drinking a light/white wine, choose a chocolate that has 40-52% cocoa and typically with fruits in the chocolate bar.

A word on cocoa content, this indicates how intense or sweet the chocolate will be. And chocolate-makers always list the cocoa content on the package. Or ask the typically helpful staff in your specialty store to point you in the right direction. Robert has a great recommendation for women who may be tempted to go overboard in the chocolate department: simply choose one high in cocoa content. It will be a challenge to finish that ├╝ber rich, dark, high cocoa chocolate bar in one sitting.

Some of you may think your standard $.50 cent chocolate bar, and bottle of $2 dollar wine will suffice. I’m not saying that inexpensive wines are bad, but you’ll have to spend a little if you want this to really work. Make sure the product’s standing is top-notch, or a close second. I’ve found $5-$7 bottles that are spectacular. And because it’s dessert, spending a few bucks on chocolate makes the splurge worth it. She’ll notice that first smooth bite of Green and Black’s chocolate, but a basic Hershey Bar may not impress. Or just let the experts help you pick a good one.

The delectable taste of chocolate with silky wine is perfection! They just go together. I even recommend serving this sexy goodness with a blindfold.

* When I say tread carefully, I mean it. Don’t say anything like this, “Honey, this will help you burn fat.” She’ll immediately think you’re insensitive, and then you won’t get laid for a year. But if your girl brings up chocolate’s potential for adding fat, or if she’s worried about her weight, then tell her, “Hey baby, this is actually a fat burning recipe. Wine and chocolate together actually burn fat.” If she doesn’t bring it up, keep your mouth shut.

More about Robert Ferguson and his new book :

Originally published on the Huffington Post, February 14, 2011.

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