Romance & grilled cheese

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A gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich.

A gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich.

On Saturday night, my husband made me a grilled cheese sandwich. I was knee deep in blog writing mode, when my beloved sat a platter next to my laptop along with a glass of wine. I stopped and did one of those girly, deep inhale/press my hand to my chest/smile and start to tear up moves. Before I could compose myself to ask him anything, he confidently said, “I looked up how to pair grilled cheese with wine on the web.” The man knows me. The next moment saw me standing up from my desk to hug, kiss and thank him. But after taking a single bite and sipping the pinot noir, I stood up to hug, kiss and thank him again.

Some of you might be thinking, “You let that man get you on sandwich night?” Let me call your attention to something very key in the world of romance and food: his kindness and thoughtfulness on a random evening is the textbook definition of romance.

As the designated day of romance is drawing near, (Valentine’s Day is Friday), oh how the articles/blog posts have started. The titles don’t vary much from year to year, and it’s my job to take note of them. From the requisite, “How To Rekindle Romance.” Or, “Try These Aphrodisiac Foods,” I can’t get inspired by them at all. One quick look at today’s headlines are not doing much in the romance innovation department, with “10 Great Date Ideas For Every Couple.” And, “Original Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day.”

Um, yeah. How’d they make Valentine’s Day sound so boring? So textbook? So pale? Also, applying romance to one day of the year is limited thinking. Most women I’ve spoken to want romance on the regular, rather than on just one day.

So this week, it’s all about the devotion of being devoted to your beloved, and to yourself.

This process is all about asking questions and listening for the answer. If you’re unsure of what she wants to do for a special day, you need to ask her directly. If you’re not sure how to do this, use this script. “Honey, what is your favorite thing to do on a day off with me?” If she is vague, say this, “I am starting to make a list of your favorite things to do. Can you help me put it together? Really simple things, like your favorite bar/food/dessert/restaurant/snack/fill in the blank.”

Your effort can be as simple as taking her to her favorite bar and ordering her favorite drink and appetizer. Or picnicking in your living room with music and a tablecloth over the coffee table. Or, unexpectedly making her a grilled cheese sandwich while pouring a glass of her favorite wine.

You’re starting to get the idea, right? Just because you listened, I have a decadent grilled cheese recipe for you. I usually go for healthy, but this week is all about making her happy. It’s a dessert grilled cheese that will butter her up.

Raspberry, Mascarpone Cheese & Chocolate Grilled Cheese Dessert Sandwich

A snippet: “Just imagine yourself eating this warm, sweet, rich sandwich with your beloved. But that vision also comes with expanded thighs along with a sleepy and not so sexual partner too. She may not doze off right away, but within an hour she’ll be crashing from the combination of fat and sugar.   Here’s what you don’t do: let her beat up on herself when she eats badly.  Tell her she deserves some goodness too, just make sure it’s not on a regular basis.  Self-food flagellation is a complete waste of time.  When those guilty moments pop up, typically while we wonder how the hell that bag of fries disappeared, or in today’s case: a dessert grilled cheese sandwich.” 

Get the full recipe here.

Much love,


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