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Five minutes to make this meal

Share, if you dare…So here’s the thing about food. You need it. Everyday. What you eat is entirely up to you, but let’s talk about all of your options. OPTION ONE: Spend tons of money eating out with ingredients that … Continue reading

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Rib Eye Steak with a Lime/Parsley Butter & Pomegranate Asparagus

Share, if you dare…Penned by Craig You thought this was a vegetarian/vegan blog, didn’t you? Well, me and my wife cook for every type of eater (except the unhealthy kind). And even though I’m a vegetarian, I know how to … Continue reading

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Excuse me, Steak & A Blow Job Day?

Share, if you dare…This just in, a new holiday on March 14th. Today is Steak & A Blow Job Day. Yes, you heard me. A response to the overwhelming female enthusiasm around Valentine’s Day, S&BJ Day is designed to cater … Continue reading

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Better Than “Egg” Salad

Share, if you dare…My husband sometimes heads into the kitchen and putters around like he’s doing nothing. But I know better. I hear the occasional clanging of bowls, opening of refrigerator, spoons and a manly grunt of approval. You know that … Continue reading

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CTGL Tip: Your grocery list is bound to fail, unless you do this

Share, if you dare…A frequent conversation in my world goes something like this, “Mona, I need some help with planning my meals. I never know what to buy, I run out of stuff, and I throw a lot of food … Continue reading

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Almond Vanilla Smoothie

Share, if you dare…There are two schools of thought on smoothies.  School of Thought #1 by Cook This…Get Laid creator & wife: MONA.  “What woman doesn’t want a smoothie? I always want a sip full of good flavor, sometimes slightly … Continue reading

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