Rib Eye Steak with a Lime/Parsley Butter & Pomegranate Asparagus

Pan cooked rib-eye, cooked to perfection. via @cookthisgetlaid

Pan cooked rib-eye, cooked to perfection. via @cookthisgetlaid

Penned by Craig

You thought this was a vegetarian/vegan blog, didn’t you? Well, me and my wife cook for every type of eater (except the unhealthy kind). And even though I’m a vegetarian, I know how to make a great steak and cook them for my wife.  Mona is an amazing cook, but she’s not confident on the grill or with most cuts involving a cow. And though I won’t touch the stuff, I love her enough to show my mastery with a rib eye.  This time we even brought in the skills of her chef cousin, Rashida, to take things up to another level.

And while some do not consider eating a steak particularly healthy, we do. Within reason. She eats steak maybe once or twice a year. But that works for her. We’re not here to preach to you about what is healthy for you. That’s what this blog is about, discovering what works for you on the stove AND in the bedroom. 

 First, make sure you have some room temperature butter. If not, set it out on the counter. Start by generously salting the rib eye, and make sure it stays room temperature for at least 40 minutes.


While the meat seasoned, I removed seeds from a pomegranate. Cut it in half, turn it upside down over a bowl and tap the skin with a large spoon. They’ll come out easily.



Butter with parsley makes Mona float into the stratosphere. Her cousin washed some parsley and the asparagus, dried them with paper towels and gave those leafy greens a rough chop. 



Open every window you have in the house. Use a cast iron pan and turn the heat onto medium high. Once the pan is REALLY hot, add the steak. Do not move them until ready to flip. You want a good sear on each side, which will help keep the rib eye juicy. For medium rare, do four minutes on each side and six for medium well. And do not use utensils that will pierce the meat. Tongs or a spatula will do. When the steak is done, let it rest for at least 10 minutes. Keep the pan on for the asparagus. Throw them in and don’t overcook. Mona adores crispy asparagus, so I only cooked them for about five minutes. While the asparagus finishes, squeeze lime over the pomegranates, add the lime zest and salt.

Asparagus with a lime-pomegranate sauce.

Asparagus with a lime-pomegranate sauce.

I know what you’re thinking. This looks overly complicated. You just have to plan ahead. Total prep time is 10 minutes, and cook time is the same. Your end result is this: 

A rib eye with a parsley compound butter.

A rib eye with a parsley compound butter.

And hopefully another thing or two.

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  1. Asparagus and pomegranate arils! What a great combo. Definitely want to try that. Steak looks amazeballs as well.

  2. GiGi Eats says:

    Oh baby yes. If I cook this, I soooo definitely will be getting laid, AH HA HA!! Well, actually, maybe not in West Hollywood, but in TEXAS and WYOMING, definitely 😉

  3. Annabel says:

    What I want to know is how you removed the pomegranate seeds! I have given up, so maybe you can show us! 🙂

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