Get Father’s Day Right

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NSFW = NOT SAFE FOR WORK, this is a blog post for grown folks today. Just for you, some relationship and sex advice.

Let’s be real about regular holidays and events, most are geared towards women and kids. The result is something like this: men scrambling around every February 14th and Mother’s Day to make last minute reservations, or buy gifts. Easter has adults planting eggs all over the yard while stuffing entire bodies into Easter Bunny suits. And Christmas? Grown men and women wrapping gifts until they’re ready to fall asleep with a tape dispenser in hand.

I knows fathers everywhere enjoy these moments. But the other holidays are about someone else. And rather than doing what’s expected of them, let’s rebrand it altogether: Father’s Day should be about them.

Let’s rework it altogether. No more of this:

  1. A collection of unworn/unwanted ties.
  2. Crowded restaurants.
  3. Not doing anything dads want to do.

As of 2014, Father’s Day is now “Dads Get What They Want Day.”  If your designated man wants to do nothing but lay on the couch and watch the NBA/NHL/MLB, get their favorite beverage or putter around happily in the garage. And maybe he actually wants to spend it with his children. Or wake up to a selection of craft beers. Sleeping in until noon. Or maybe he wants to be  perhaps being fussed over. The key is to ask and not assume. And ask. Or men, just tell them what you want to do. 

With one exception.

Sex is (most likely) at the top of the list. If you’re a woman reading this page, and you want to really make a truly happy Dads Get What They Want Day – just go for it. Be the initiator. Handle that morning hard-on by bringing out the freaky deaky before he gets out of the bed, and before the kids come in the room.

If you’ve read this blog before, then you are probably aware of my policy of full disclosure on what the other wants. For the Cook This…Get Laid uninitiated, my method is all about being forward, honest and real about what it is that you want. No guessing, no mind reading, no unrealistic expectations because you simply communicate what you want. 




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