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A Thanksgiving Week Menu You’ll Really Love

Share, if you dare…Are you ready for the November meal that leaves you stuffed and comatose? I am very ready. Shopped and prepped ready. But there’s a huge presumption that all parties can’t wait for the big bird, potatoes, stuffing, … Continue reading

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Morrocan Inspiration: A Spiced Chicken Stew With Carrots

Share, if you dare… This slow cooker recipe just made an incredibly busy week, easy. Here’s how easy: five minutes of prep, you walk away, and four hours later (with no stirring or checking it), you are eating this. Your … Continue reading

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RECIPE: A Boozy, Luscious Cranberry Sauce

Share, if you dare…Ditch that canned cranberry sauce NOW! Unless you love it. But I can’t imagine you’ll go back to it after trying this recipe. There are six total ingredients, and if you make it a few days in … Continue reading

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RECIPE: Garlic-Infused Greens Over Creamy Polenta

Share, if you dare…“It tastes amazing. Greens and corn, but better. Healthier. Man, this is fucking good.” This was one of the comments about my Garlic-Infused Greens Over Creamy Polenta, when serving this at a dinner party a few months back. … Continue reading

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Lamb Chops Garlic, Rosemary & Sea Salt

Share, if you dare…I’ve eaten this recipe twice in the last week. It has five ingredients and takes nine minutes to prep/cook. And sometimes you just have to let the pictures speak.  Share, if you dare…

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MEN! Here’s How You Do It: Romance, Texting & Food

Share, if you dare… I know what you’re doing right now. Rushing to check your email/Facebook/Twitter or text message on your way to work/bar/home/gym/school. I am right there with you, editing this blog post while cooking lunch. I’m not suggesting … Continue reading

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