MEN! Here’s How You Do It: Romance, Texting & Food

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I know what you’re doing right now. Rushing to check your email/Facebook/Twitter or text message on your way to work/bar/home/gym/school. I am right there with you, editing this blog post while cooking lunch. I’m not suggesting that you slow down, when there’s so much to do everyday. This is merely a reminder to put in the time for your loved ones, and how you can make technology work in your favor.

With some specifics on how to do it.

My friend is in love. He is so far gone, that he doesn’t know which end is up. He raves about her, and I often catch him in a smile while glancing into nothingness. You know that look: when the infatuated person recalls an intimate moment, and it’s vivid. But his romantic prowess was apparent when he showed me a text inviting her to dinner.

Here’s the plan. Let me pick you up at work around 8:15. I get to see where you spend most of your time. We go to your place, and I will buy some groceries if you have to tidy up (if necessary). I cook something for us, and we continue the conversation from yesterday. Sounds good?

He gets serious props for his approach. It was bold and confident. Want to know her response?

So, what are you cooking? 🙂

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about what women want, then you should keep reading my blog regularly.

Kudos to her too. She is game for his surprise, and shows her personality that illustrates adventure and trust.

You should also know that my buddy is an average cook. And that doesn’t matter. He is willing to try just about anything, and isn’t afraid of making a mistake on a dish. But there’s something else for you to take note. Even though this entire text is about a casual invitation for dinner, the subtext of his text reveals plenty: 

  1. Running out for groceries after dropping her off, shows that he’s taking care of everything and that she doesn’t need to lift a finger for dinner.
  2. He’s sensitive to her. Life seems busier than ever before, and while a casual invitation is alluring, he acknowledges that she has a life that he respects. It’s likely that she ran out of the house early in the day without a chance to make her home presentable. And for some women, a clean house is as important as shaved legs and a clean face of makeup before a date.
  3. He doesn’t make assumptions. An example? That her fridge is stocked. It wasn’t.
  4. This is clearly an effort to make her feel special.
  5. Before you surprise your lady, consider this:

    1. If she’s the type that doesn’t like surprises, let her know that you’d like to plan something special for her. Tell her the type of clothes that would work for that occasion, and how long you’ll be gone. 
    2. Don’t show up unannounced. She might have other plans, and you should respect her time. 
    3. If you’re unsure about what she likes to do in her spare time, start asking specific questions, and listening for the answer. When we find out that you’re an avid listener? Your stock goes up.

    And that’s what this is all truly about, right? Listening. Sharing and fully hearing what the other is saying to you makes all the difference in romance.

    For those of you that have surprised your beloved, or if you’ve been on the receiving end of one, share it below in the comments section. And if you like what you’re reading and want this to happen to

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