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Five minutes to make this meal

Share, if you dare…So here’s the thing about food. You need it. Everyday. What you eat is entirely up to you, but let’s talk about all of your options. OPTION ONE: Spend tons of money eating out with ingredients that … Continue reading

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Excuse me, Steak & A Blow Job Day?

Share, if you dare…This just in, a new holiday on March 14th. Today is Steak & A Blow Job Day. Yes, you heard me. A response to the overwhelming female enthusiasm around Valentine’s Day, S&BJ Day is designed to cater … Continue reading

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CTGL Tip: Your grocery list is bound to fail, unless you do this

Share, if you dare…A frequent conversation in my world goes something like this, “Mona, I need some help with planning my meals. I never know what to buy, I run out of stuff, and I throw a lot of food … Continue reading

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The Healthy Chocolate and Wine Combination

Share, if you dare…Yes, you read that correctly, wine and chocolate can do some good things for your body. I wrote about these health benefits of combining chocolate and wine together on the Huffington Post a few years back. So I … Continue reading

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Artichoke Spinach Dip, Dairy-Free & Delicious

Share, if you dare…Artichoke spinach dip is one of those creations that doesn’t last long, and especially a Superbowl party. There’s good reason to go crazy over it. It’s creamy, slightly salty, rich and all about comfort. Don’t let the … Continue reading

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Pineapple, Banana Coconut Smoothie

Share, if you dare…I am sitting in an air conditioned room, and it is still hot. Standing in front of the fridge checking out the limited inventory, revealed this: While blending all of these ingredients, I threw in a banana … Continue reading

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Cook This…Get Burned: A Guide To Food Prep In the Desert

Share, if you dare… (Burners, skip to paragraph five.) Those of you who have read this blog before, I need to share something with you. I’m what’s called a ‘Burner.’ Every year, I head to the high desert to a … Continue reading

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The Mimosa Alternative: Juicy Bubbly aka Watermelon and Champagne

Share, if you dare…I love champagne. But I also love variety. As do most women. And the orange juice, champagne combination is old. And it’s time for a change. My husband came up with what I’m calling the Juicy Bubbly … Continue reading

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It’s Her Birthday, What Do I Get Her?

Share, if you dare…Men, this tip is just for you. When it’s your lady’s birthday you have to pull out all the stops. It can’t feel just like any other day. If it’s within your budget, take her out to … Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: It Looks Like “I Am A Hero” In The Kitchen

Share, if you dare…I was interviewed yesterday by Ryan J. Rhodes and I had the best time! Ryan created a thought movement called “I Am A Hero,” where he connects with and interviews people that are making waves, starting conversations … Continue reading

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