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Information How to change DNS server in Windows 10

Title :  How to change DNS server in Windows 10
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Comments How to change DNS server in Windows 10

razi nabwani
2020 fuck ea but price rangers was a good thing by ea
Comment from : razi nabwani

Crazy how price ranges in the long run actually worked
Comment from : Alex

csee7 is a bot
still here with fifa 18
Comment from : csee7 is a bot

The Commentor
And now, ea have fucked fifa 16
Comment from : The Commentor

Eliseo Viamonte
right now on ps3 there no joke zero pele's like what the F ea 0 pele's what the hell
Comment from : Eliseo Viamonte

Mae5tro Beats
Comment from : Mae5tro Beats

if all FUT Players would stop putting up players into the market so that the market would go empty so that the marketcount goes to 000.000 mayby EA know they f*** really up
Comment from : SinlessCape0463

Spencer Rowe
ea have stuffed the market bale and ibra together are less than 1 milion coins
Comment from : Spencer Rowe

I love ur vids! Great Banter! Lol. But for real, I really enjoy listening to what you say and ur gameplay is spot on most of the time
Comment from : rruussoo

My market dosent even work so... Yeah thanks ea
I f*cking hate Ea...

Comment from : chuksmoove

Jordan Rodgerson
ive been able to make 200-300k just buying and selling with the players price bands up to 10k, and ive stiill got 100+ players left to sell so i can probably say il make maybe 400+k when alls said and done, its not that hard to trade trust me on that, on the higher players maybe but there is still hundreds of thousands of coins to be made on the market
Comment from : Jordan Rodgerson

rip fifa
Comment from : TheBohoushek80

And now Ronaldo is worth 3 million..... Looks like EA fixed the market
Comment from : Kyle97x

Maikel Kees
ea rlyl fucked up transfer marked
Comment from : Maikel Kees

Collins Munene
Am glad am the one one who got that Ronaldo!
Comment from : Collins Munene

I see your point, transfer market is all effed up
Comment from : DBP FIFA

ted Blue
Let's all go back to fifa 14
Comment from : ted Blue

Juicy J
Thumbs up if you're not buying Fifa16
Comment from : Juicy J

gytux _
Guys i cant sell my MOTM BONY i want to buy reus LW but i need to sell MOTM bony because i cant afford him someone buy him plz by the way iam on PS3
Comment from : gytux _

...and this is why I play PES. If we really want to get EA to understand that they are screwing FIFA up, hit them where they will notice it, their wallets. In protest, none of us should buy FIFA 16 when it comes out. When EA notices that their games aren't selling, they'll put more of an effort into fixing issues that NEED to be fixed like the glitchy servers and the scripted gameplay.
Comment from : xFCBarcaFan20x

Stop Buying their Games!
Comment from : FixerTheWise

its actually turned completely opposite of this. they are 2 of pele selling for like 12 mil buy now not even selling
Comment from : Andrew

Do you not think this whole price cap thing has parallels to FFP in real life football? Protects the already rich established clubs who can make big money by themselves instead of having a wealthy owner pumping "un-earnt" money into the club so they can buy their way to the top
Comment from : ChaoticEspeon

Aaron revell
I bought gullit about 3 or 4 days ago when his lowest buy now was 11.2M then I look the day after and ea dropped his price to 9.2m, I have proberly lost over 25 million coins on my players due to this market and its bs like I packed MOTM higuain as soon as he came out, I decided to play a few games instead of selling him then ths shitty market happened, so I coud have sold him for like 1.8m now hes been capped twice and I cant even sell him for 600k its bs, EA fix your mess!
Comment from : Aaron revell

Jay Heale
IF Gibbs. Is impossible to sell :(
Comment from : Jay Heale

Thorin Oakenshield
I've been trying to sell my players for days now...
Comment from : Thorin Oakenshield

Jerome Robinson
Comment from : Jerome Robinson

1 like = 1 motm ronaldo
Comment from : FIFALEGEND

Brian Reyes
I have a ps4 and I see you play on it as well. And I need some help like I need better players. And I was wondering if I can get a chance to win some players/coins.
Comment from : Brian Reyes

Sytse Stienstra
1 Like = 1 MOTM Ronaldo
Comment from : Sytse Stienstra

Tiaki Tipene
Comment from : Tiaki Tipene

matty leslie
This is the most stupid thing I've ever done... I ended up quick selling MOTM Brahimi 3 times, and I quick sold IF Coutinho, I had listed them 5 times and didn't sell... I hate this  new update so much 
Comment from : matty leslie

мoнιт тм
Ea just f**ked up the market. My toty iniesta who I can sell right now for 15Mil is now price capped to 2.5 mil because there are no toty iniestas on the market. Wtf EA you are the biggest excuse for a company.
Comment from : мoнιт тм

Derpy Miner
EA bloody fucked up Fifa although the the kind of guy that has hardly any fucking coins 😡😡😡😡😡
Comment from : Derpy Miner

Gino Ferrara
Ever tried selling motm brahimi for 99 everything lowest price still doesn't sell
Comment from : Gino Ferrara

Melle Mell
Ffs! All I want is to earn more than 400 coins a game! 300 to me since I have that bs DNF crap even though I didn't disconnect. Ea servers LOL I want at least 1k a game AT LEAST!
Comment from : Melle Mell

Trance Voyage Sessions
I've moved to Pes 15 now, you can't make ur opponent watch your replays. But it's a simulation of football and you need to understand football to play it. Unlike Fifa 15 where you need to be good at skill moves. Bye bye Ea.
Comment from : Trance Voyage Sessions

Joe Blackburn
Why doesn't everyone just go back to fifa 14?
Comment from : Joe Blackburn

Makes a video about disappearing players, only one had disappeared
Comment from : AusSpurs

Gillian Wright
pes anyone?
Comment from : Gillian Wright

masterass dvp
coinsellers are the best but because of them I only lose money instead of the time playing the game for a decent team
Comment from : masterass dvp

Danny P
Lol Nick28T FC at 3:18 thats not the real nick 28T surely. Prob just a fanboy
Comment from : Danny P

Danny P
Wow 45 mill, id be buying everyone and discarding them :-) do it!
Comment from : Danny P

players like messi and ronaldo should be rare and only a few people should have them.
before the update there were like 100 messis and ronaldos on the market... whats the point... they are not rare, not special any more.
now buying fifa points to pull packs should be a luxury, EA wants that people play and win to get the coins... they dont force anyone to buy FP

Comment from : CM S

Road To PES 2016!
Comment from : Mikel

I just want open prices, what happened to freedom...
Comment from : Mikel

Kyle O'Connor
1 like= MOTM Ronaldo
Comment from : Kyle O'Connor

joel lopez
not really we before couldnt buy ronlado and we still cant buy messi so nothing changed thanks youtubers for your greedyness
Comment from : joel lopez

Scott Rogers
i think it's really dumb, i'm not even ganan brother play the game anymore.. selling fifa tomorrow :)
Comment from : Scott Rogers

"Noone can sell Daniel Sturridge". Yeah but I actually use to flip him and I managed to sell a few for 20.25k and 16.25k over the last few days. If people want him they'll eventually pay the new higher price.
Comment from : DidehMow

FFS PACKED YAYA TOURE CANT SELL HIM EVEN AT 240,000 min start and 241,000 buy now I've been listing him for 2 days now
Comment from : ANDREAS SIME

Haydn Russell
Don't spend all your money on a video game: problem solved.
Comment from : Haydn Russell

Can't sell bale
Comment from : Taylor

James Kelly
tbh nepenthez, you cant say EA fucked this up entirely. the point of ultimate team is to buy the best team possible, getting these players is suppose to be hard, not easy going. im glad they have done this in a way, because it gets boring playing against many many users which just buy their coins when little people do it legitly. the only people which hate this are the people which buy coins. but yet again, everyone claims they traded heir way.... urgh
Comment from : James Kelly

Felipe iijima
Comment from : Felipe iijima

Mesut Ozil
cant sell gotze, impossible
Comment from : Mesut Ozil

Who even says that you have to play ultimate team? I played FIFA 13 UT for like 2 months casually, won the Division 1 like 3 times and got super bored of the game mode, IMHO Career Mode is much more interesting. Stop playing FUT altogether, stop feeding the monster that is EA
Comment from : JigsawLV

Antonella Guastavino
The transfer market don't work
Comment from : Antonella Guastavino

The Joy of creation
well fifa 16 RIP
Comment from : The Joy of creation

Keith Biglad
what coin sites are back up and running 
Comment from : Keith Biglad

Keith Biglad
is mmoga running 
Comment from : Keith Biglad

Saad Ghani
I just hate what they did now I have to face people that have Gareth bales neymars informs and now I can not trade and now I cant buy players I want and now at the mercy of buying fifa points to get the player I want
Comment from : Saad Ghani

Cooper Zogg
It's bullshit. I got a di Maria and I can't sell him for diddily dick
Comment from : Cooper Zogg

With coin sellers has well EA take 5% off anyway so there still making money from the coin sellers so I really don't understand why they are being dicks about all of this.
Comment from : Jammin4u

Des Ezee BG
you should work at EA
Comment from : Des Ezee BG

Renato Croci
i was selling my whole bpl team FT. Diego costa motm atsu and sturridge
Comment from : Renato Croci

Most world class, legend, inform, TOTY, MOTM, TOTS and green players are going extinct, but falcao may be thriving, his minimum price is 150 coins
Comment from : Koi YTP

Big fat Fucking coon
Sterling is f*cked
Comment from : Big fat Fucking coon

Sommay Kongmalay
Like if you lost 100k or over in profit
Comment from : Sommay Kongmalay

Edison Goff
This is why I switched to madden
Comment from : Edison Goff

Martin ONeill
Can ia also ask how he has over 45 mil did he buy 15 mil alot when it was aloud or does he have incredible pack luck also EA such retards
Comment from : Martin ONeill

Martin ONeill
And no Bales
Comment from : Martin ONeill

Martin ONeill
There is no Messis or Ronaldos when i checked so i check for suarez and there was FOUR and they were his MOTM!
Comment from : Martin ONeill

at least they give you 450 coins per game 😑
Comment from : hobbyman77

Thomas Carvalho
I think EA did it right. Every team I face has Neuer, Sergio Ramos, Kompany, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Bale. They dont know how to play, they just pay to win.
Comment from : Thomas Carvalho

Thomas Carvalho
Diekmeier is out of the market too!
Comment from : Thomas Carvalho

If EA really wanted to fix coinselling they could have just removed peoples ultimate team name from the transfer market so coin sellers dont know what card to buy
Comment from : Astro

Hotrod pc Fudge
Well fifa really made this game a bag of shit

Comment from : Hotrod pc Fudge

Sam Graham
HEY look Nep put Gullible in his description! Yeah you just checked and found I was right!
Comment from : Sam Graham

Logan Duncan
I'm not that mad bcuz u can get messy for 5mil
Comment from : Logan Duncan

One like= 1 MOTM Ronaldo
Comment from : northstudewood8

Hugo Phibbs
Comment from : Hugo Phibbs

Hugo Phibbs

Comment from : Hugo Phibbs

Repost again and again and protest against Price bands (Ranges)! Come on EA, you can do better...#TAKEOFPRICECAPS
Comment from : Montastrophe

I'm laughing at all the people cheering on EA when they did this
Comment from : Andrew

Shahir Qureshi
All i am gona say is EA Fucked up!!
and EA just made it more worse for them self and made good for PES (FOOTBALL GAME)
My prediction is if this price range thing still goes on people will start buying PES

Comment from : Shahir Qureshi

The dudes that don't play ultimate team are like HELL YEAH

Ps my friend got Gary Neville :)

Comment from : [deleted]

How the fuck can they think this would work there is still no legitimate way to get ronaldo
Comment from : GREY BANG GANG

What the fuck i just sold suarez for 700k becore the update
Comment from : GREY BANG GANG

Vision Ace
EA is Not Smart Why dont They Just Sell coins haha Since they Want Money All They Have to do is Sell coins cheaper than the coins seller
Comment from : Vision Ace

Listed Robben about 8 times for LOWEST BIN guess what? still hasn't sold -.-
Comment from : Savage

Paula Krasniqi
Comment from : Paula Krasniqi

Sean Micallef

Comment from : Sean Micallef

Ukn Ossk
Like this if u think EA should change the market back to it's original one.
Comment from : Ukn Ossk

Hamza Raja
1 like = motm ronaldo
Comment from : Hamza Raja

Have a max of say 1 million coins for listing, and then let the prices sort themselves out. As each subsequent in form comes out the normal card price drops meaning all players become more affordable
Comment from : Vegeta696969

connor beasley
Bought Neymar for 335k before the fuck up, max buy now 250k so i'm loosing money on all my players, EA is disgusting.
Comment from : connor beasley

Max Pattillo
I <3 Arsenal and Jack Wilshere (my fav player) he was 1,500 now he's like 10,500. Jeezzzzz 
Comment from : Max Pattillo

What did you do to get 45 million coins? Bought them from coin sellers?
Comment from : Le_Mrinaliste

why didn't EA just make packs more entertaining. 1 million coin packs 2 million coin packs 3 million coin packs 5 million coin packs think about that better players more Messi' s Ronaldo's on the market which drops the price in the market simple 
Comment from : karlosnod

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